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Finamark Financial is a company committed to educating individuals, families, and business owners to help them make the best financial decisions related to budgeting, saving, and investing money with the goal of creating wealth.  Most people work a lifetime to end up just working, rather than living the "American Dream".  There are simple rules to money, and learning the rules and implementing them is the difference between success and failure.  Most people would tell you they want to retire early, yet by age 65 only about 5% of people are financially secure (not relying on Social Security or family). Our goal is to help you be in that 5%; the financially sound and solvent.

Our Philosophy is that you should:

1. Reduce Your Debts. Ideally, you should live debt free, but most people never attain this because they lack an understanding of finances and the resources to get out and stay out of debt.

2. Increase Your Income. Technically, if you reduce your debts, you have increased your income.  If you simply need more, we can show you some ways that have worked for others like you.  WARNING: If your income to expenses ratio is way out of balance, you may have to do more work to earn more money initially to correct this.  There is no easy way out and we do not believe that bankruptcy is the key to financial solvency.

3. Build Wealth.  This has to do with keeping more of what you make, borrowing from yourself instead of institutions (and paying that interest to YOU), and knowing where to put your money.  Don't worry, we are not stockbrokers and we won't try to sell you anything.  We are simply educators.

To help our clients achieve their financial goals, we offer a host of financial services through relationships with some of the most trusted financial services firms in the country. Most services are provided nationwide, however due to licensing restrictions, some services our limited to certain states.

Here are the financial services that we offer directly and through our partner network:

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