Legal Service Plans

Many people don’t like thinking about calling a lawyer; our customer love it! And here is why..

  • What if you could call a lawyer whenever you had a legal questions?
  • What if your lawyer would review your legal documents for you?
  • What if that same lawyer would write letters on your behalf to help you resolve conflict before they became legal issues?
  • What if that lawyer helped you understand your rights if you got a speeding ticket – and helped get the fine or points reduced?
  • What if you could have your Last Will and Living Will prepared for you and have it updated every year?
  • What if you could offer this to your employees without it costing you a penny?

The wealthy often have lawyers on retainer for thousands of dollars per month to make these things happen. Legal Shield makes this available to individuals, families, and small business owners for less than a dollar to a few dollars per day (depending on the plan).

Click here to learn more about the plans we offer through Legal Shield or call Anthony at 480-338-6744 for a complementary consultation.